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A Heartbreaking Cancer story .........

hi guys your favourite blogger here so listen this isn't a uplifting experience for me or for your benefit. I suffered bad with my family being effected from it so please I hope you found this story amazing .... it's been tough writing but I just had to write it thank you to all of you reading this ......

It was April 1st 2010 when my family and I were shuffled into a small room adjacent to the ward where my sister was. We were told that she had pancreatic cancer and it was likely she would pass away in the next 7 days. She had been in Southampton hospital since January of that year, and till then the doctors had no idea what was causing my sister's illness. Not until it was too late did they scan for any sign of tumour and it was then they found the route of all the trouble.
Unfortunately by this stage in the illness my sister was in such a weakened condition that the doctors decided using chemotherapy would simply be too much on her body, and told us that there was nothing they could do for her aside from keeping her comfortable.
My sister defied all expectations of the doctors and managed to survive 5 months after her diagnoses. In that time we moved her to 3 different hospitals and a hospice. She couldn’t go through much treatment as the cancer was very severe and she had little strength left. Gemma eventually asked to be brought back home where she could rest in a quieter environment.
The last few weeks of her life were incredibly peaceful, lying in a room surrounded by family members and more flowers than a florist could dream of. In those weeks my mum did everything for Gemma, she washed her, fed her, clothed her and gave Gem all her medicine. Gemma passed away on August 8th 2010 with both myself and my Mum sitting beside her. After everything, I couldn’t have asked for a more peaceful way for her to go.
The recovery for myself and the rest of the family is still going to this day and I don’t honestly think it will ever go away. For a few years it took a very heavy toll on me. Even now, almost 6 years on, I still have very bad days where I miss her so much that it hurts, but then I remember the fun that we had and her laugh and slowly I smile to myself because she may be gone physically but I will always hold her in my heart. She's my guardian angel now. 

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thankyou this was a very tough subject I have been through the pain on watching a love one cry thank you to everyone :)......

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ze2000 Thanks for sharing. Must be so hard to know someone is leaving...
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LIFEofONE thanks man yer It can be tough but its life I you just have to realise you're part off a plan :) but again thanks mate ... means a lot knowing they're caring people out there :)
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