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A Life Almost Lost...ALIVE

Created on 02/05/2018 by

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Accidents and near death experiences:

Sometimes in life accidents can occur innocently when you least expect it. Sometimes accidents happen due to the silliness of mucking around. Their are all kinds of ways to face accidental injuries. The most common can be falling off ladders or down the stairs etc... Others occur by going too far trying to muck around with someone. Whether its you or the person your mucking around with, someone can always get hurt by going way over the top or playing too rough. There are other accidents you just don't expect and you just cant prevent them from happening if you don't see them coming.

I'm not just talking about car accidents or setting the place alight. It's the accidents where nobody is to blame except yourself or some accidents aren't anybody's fault, they just happen. Some accidents can be fatal whilst others can be near death experiences. I've had one accident and two near death experiences in my life.

My earliest incident was a near death experience and I was far too young to remember it. The second incident came when I was a kid, that was the accident I had through my own stupid acts. The third incident was a near death experience and the most scariest because I was only a kid and I remember it all to well.

Saved by 7 minutes: Near Death Experience 1.

I was born in 1985. The first near death experience I wouldn't remember because I was only a baby at so many months old. My parents certainly remember it all to well, I was told it was the most testing of times and the most terrifying moment in their lives. My mother told me it all started when I wouldn't drink my milk properly. She kept trying to feed me the milk but I just couldn't digest it, every time I tried drinking the milk I kept bringing it up. My parents said this kept happening all the time, something was stopping me from digesting liquid and something kept making me throw up.

They said I had problems breathing and it was getting worse. My parents took me to King Georges Hospital to find out exactly why I couldn't intake fluids. First of all they spoke to one doctor which came out with such a diabolical idea. I was quite ill and I was chucking up my milk everywhere and what was the doctors ideal prescription? He told my parents "buy your baby a bigger bib" what an idiotic idea! My parents were left totally stunned and angry, I was suffering badly and that doctor comes out with something stupid like that. If I would have been abled to intake the liquid I would have p***** all over him.

My parents seeked further help and advice from the other doctors and they took me in and got straight to work. I had to have a surgical operation on my stomach so they had to open me up. My parents were very anxious and worried, they didn't know what effect the operation will have on me. It was touch and go on whether I'd survive the operation or not. My parents told me they were totally relieved when the operation was over and I was absolutely fine. It was such a frightening experience for my parents, it was an experience they never wanted to happen again. I didn't want to scare my family like that, but I was too young to remember.

I now have a small scar on the front right side of my body where they did the operation. It doesn't really bother me because I've lived with it for so long. The scar hardly ever shows now and I don't even know its there half the time. The doctors told my parents I was lucky they brought me in when they did. If it would have been 7 minutes later my life would have been over before it even begun...7 has always been my lucky number!

Glad it was only light wood: The Accident.

When I was about 9 years old I was mucked around with my brother, he was only ten years old at the time. We decided to play around on the bar stools in the kitchen. We took the four stools in the front room and pushed back the arm chairs and set the stools up in a row. My mum was upstairs and my dad was laying on the couch asleep. I honestly don't know what made us do what we did next. We were only young at the time and we only thought about doing silly things. Me and my brother took it in turns sliding across the stools and down the other side on our stomachs.

I gave this silly idea a name, I called the game snakes and I so happened to be the one who got bit. As I slithered across the stools and reached the end I knew in order to finish the game I needed to slide down the end onto the floor. I slide down onto the floor rocking the last stool in the process. Before I had a chance to get up the stool came crashing down on my forehead. There was a lot of blood spurting out of my gashed forehead. I was crying my eyes out and my father woke up in complete horror, my blood even splashed over him at bit.

Where did my father finish up taking me? King Georges Hospital. I remember sitting with my father in the hospital for ages. I needed several stitches in my head which firmly closed the gash. The nurse was putting the stitches in and I didn't even flinch once. The nurse told me I was a really brave boy who didn't cry or move once whilst inserting the stitches. I remember waking up the next morning and looking in the mirror seeing these dark blue stitches in my forehead. Once I had the stitches removed it left a barely visible scar, it doesn't even look like I've got a scar there now.

After that incident I learned my lesson and I never played snakes again. I'm only glad the stools were made of soft wood and not anything harder, otherwise I may have squashed my brains. After that it made me think more clearly about what games could be dangerous to play before I attempt them. I use to love making up games and next time I made sure I used my head.

I miss my float that saved my life: Near Death Experience 2.

I was about 12 years old and I was away on a two week holiday at Great Yarmouth with my family. Me and my family were on the beach and my parents bought me and my brother two long blue floats. I took my float out to the sea and started surfing around on my stomach for a while. I got a bit carried away and I started drifting out to sea on my float. The current of the water felt heavy and the waves were thrashing back and forwards. I was out to sea a bit too far and I got brushed off my float by the waves.

I thought hard against the waves as I was being dragged out and under the water. At that time I was only twelve and I weren't a strong swimmer. I could just about see the beach and my mother standing up looking so concerned. All I kept doing was waving my arms around trying to find my float. It was a full five minutes of me fighting against the waves. At one point I could feel myself drowning and I was just going to give up the fight. Until I reached out my left hand and grabbed hold of my float.

I started fighting again and pulled myself up above the water. You just cant make it up the headlines in theory would read "boy saved by float!" The float helped me to keep above the surface and I gradually made my way back to the beach. There were so many people on the beach and in the water, nobody else apart from my mum were aware of what almost happened. She was just relieved to see me fight my way back to safety and see that I was ok. Thanks to my float I was given another chance at life.

I'm Still Here:

I guess it will take a lot more than that to get rid of me. The two near death experiences were frightening for me and frightening for my family. To think I almost weren't given a chance at life is rather scary. The strange thing is nearly drowning doesn't make me afraid of the sea or water. It makes me more confident to swim knowing I battled with the sea and won. Since my accident with the bar stools I have not attempted to do anything else stupid. Ever since the drowning incident I've become more aware of how far out to sea I should go.

It's also made me more aware of how precious life really is. I feel more powerful minded and strong inside and out. I must admit I do have a bad temper which I can control a lot more and a lot easier now. Before the drowning incident I never had a bad temper and I was always quite calm. Something brought the rage out in me, but now I'm strong enough to hold it back. Sometimes one incident can slightly change you a bit, it can effect certain people in many different ways.

Thinking back at what could have been I'm kind of enjoying being alive right now. They say you only get one chance at life and I feel I've been giving a third chance not a second.
This life has given me the chance to be an artist, a handyman, a self learning carpenter who can fix and mend anything that I can put my hands to and of course a brilliant computer expert.

I'm thinking right now if I never of made it through that operation I would have never got to know my family and see what the world was like. The old saying goes "the cat has nine lives" well this lion has used up two. Even though I didn't die I felt like my life was flashing before my very eyes. The first incident I was lucky to survive the operation. The second incident in my life I was being a silly little kid. The third incident I was saved by that long blue blown up float.

Lastly I will continue being highly hilarious with my dirty minded humour. I believe that is what life is about, having beliefs on what you'd like to do and achieve in life and having a laugh. I'm just really happy I had that chance to find out what life is really like...Thank God!

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Thank you so much for sharing
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thanks for sharing everything with us :))
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