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3 years ago
A few years ago now, I translated Casanova's account of his escape from prison in Venice, in 1755. Casanova's escape from the Leads prison is the stuff of legend. Passing secret messages between prisoners, tunnelling out of cells, improvised lamps... it's all very compelling. But is any of it act... Read more
3 years
Borderline wow cool, where can I buy the book? like, every retailer?
3 years
3 years
ze2000 People only have him as a womanizer but he had a very interesting life.
3 years
3 years
alawston Cheers! The ebook is available through Amazon Kindle, iTunes, Kobo, B&N, Google Play and a few more. The paperback is mostly available from Amazon, Createspace and a few other online bookshops. I think it's in a few high street bookshops as well, but it's probably easiest to get hold of it online!

Casanova had a fascinating life, yes. I've also considered translating his massive "science-fiction" novel - an abridged version came out in English in the 80s, but no one's ever translated the whole thing!
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