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3 years ago

Why Affiliate marketing is used As a Source of Income

Today affiliate marketing has become a key means of promoting goods and services. Why? What are its strengths and advantages? That's it in everything and try to figure it out.

As it has already become customary, I will begin with the basics.

The Essence of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a method of promoting a product, in which our partner receives a certain reward for each customer and for every sale that has come about thanks to (and sometimes contrary to ) the efforts of that same partner.

Oh, I do not like exact definitions, because nothing is clear. I'll be easier. We pay for the fact that our products are sold by our customers. So it's easier and more understandable. But, how does this happen live?

For example, there is a company that sells a particular product. We buy this product (or do not buy it) and start telling about this to friends, acquaintances (yes to anyone) that this is a cool thing. If we do this for free, then this is "word of mouth". If from each sale we receive a certain percentage, then this is already affiliate marketing. And the percentage is not weak (from 30 to 100).

In fact, our customers become our sellers. How many sellers can a company hire? A dozen? A hundred? A thousand? Perhaps this is the limit. And how many clients can she have? Tens of thousands? Hundreds? Millions? And if each of the customers starts selling the company's goods, along with the company's salespeople? How much will the turnover increase? And without the cost of advertising.

How does affiliate marketing work?

I'll start with offline businesses. And there are a lot of such examples. Take any network marketing company - they pay compensation to their partners (which is exactly how the position of their sellers sounds) for the fact that they sell the goods of the company.

What prevents such a principle from being implemented in any business? For example:

"How did they know about us?"

"Pupkin bought from you, said:" We must take. "

- A! Well, once Pupkin, then here's a discount, and Vasya we'll call tomorrow and give 10-50-80% of the amount of your purchase. Do you also want? Then tell us about us and we will pay you, too.

- Yes? I will certainly tell all my friends to you.

- We are always welcome and welcome.

Why can not you hear such dialogues more often? We still pay a percentage of sales to our employees. Why not pay the same percentage to our customers? There is an occasion to reflect.

Now to online. In the network every second year, a training seminar, the book is sold through partner marketing. And nothing - live and thrive, only profit count. Affiliate link is provided, the potential client is transferred, the buyer buys, the partner is rewarded. And everyone is happy. The company, because the sale has passed. Customer, because a valuable product received. The author of the resource, where the link was, was rewarded.

Features of affiliate marketing in the network.

On the Internet, all the same, affiliate marketing is much broader, in connection with which we will talk specifically about online features, although some of them are quite suitable for offline.

Let's list them:

Do not need to create the product yourself
Do not need to build a sales system
Often, the creator of the product provides ready-made schemes and tools for promotion
Sometimes you do not even need a website
Minimization of risks for all three parties
The possibility of using multiple products from different suppliers (this point for distributors)
Minimum costs
I think that there are other features that are not named by me. Reader, do you think that I forgot to mention here? What are the advantages of affiliate marketing? Write in the comments, we will discuss.

5 Key Recommendations to improve affiliate marketing.

And at the end of the article I would like to give some recommendations that will allow you to receive more and more profit from the use of affiliate marketing using any kind of website like coupons or cashback etc.. (Read how you can make a coupon or cashback website ) The recommendations are based on the many views of the participants in partner marketing.

Determine what the competitors are offering. If competitors of your industry niche offer something, then it works. And if it works for competitors, it will work for you.

Evaluate the products themselves. It is worthwhile to carefully consider those goods that you are going to implement through affiliate marketing. Will not, then, be painfully offended for recommending unnecessary things. If there is an understanding that the product will be useful, you and your environment, feel free to "fight".

Create interesting and related content. It can be an advertising post, an exhibition, a presentation or something else. However, you need to explain why you chose this particular product from a hundred similar ones.

Experiment the approaches in promotion. Try different variants of description and narration. Which of these will work and what does not.
Carry out testing. Evaluate the effectiveness of tools.

Give readers (this applies only to sites and blogs) several ways to access. For example, not only the banner in the header, but also a link in the text of the article or comments. It is necessary to use different possibilities.

And in conclusion. Affiliate marketing is a convenient way to generate additional revenue from a blog, website, or other content. At the same time, it is also a colossal way to increase the profit of the supplier of the goods.

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