3 years ago

Who took the Christ out of Christmas?

As a Christian, this year when we celebrate the birth of the Saviour of the World it is a special spiritual time for me. I make no apologies for believing in Jesus and all he stands for.

That said if you are an atheist, an agnostic or a follower of some other belief then that is entirely your right. Just because you may not be a Christian that does not exclude you from celebrating the festival indeed Jesus was and is inclusive.

That said as a Christian I am noticing that this festival especially this year seems to be leaving Christ out. Looking at many of the adverts on television it just seems to be all profit, getting drunk, getting fat, pure materialism.

I'm not so hypocritical as to admit I don't mind the odd tipple and a bit of partying I'm certainly no prude. But when I look at the materialism being espoused by these adverts it is a million miles away from the humble man Christ was and indeed is.

I'm not so stupid either to realise that the UK today is not what you would call a Christian country any more. With secularism, political correctness and other faiths Christianity is having a hard time of late.

However, you have to understand that from a believers point of view all this materialism and disrespect for Christ breaks my heart. As I was coming back from church today I saw something that really got me and that was a fast food place saying "Come and enjoy Feastmas" which is exactly what I am talking about in this article replacing Christ with a word meaning overindulgence.

Replacing Christ with another word in front of mas seems common practice these days and if that is the case the celebration might as well have nothing to do with Jesus at all. For me, Christmas without Christ might as well be called 'Winterfest'.

Christianity is under siege left right and centre these days however this makes me and many other believers more ardent in our beliefs. I am not talking about being extremist or a nutter simply saying that Jesus was right when he said the world persecuted him first and we too would be persecuted for his namesake.

Yes, we Christians have a battle on our hands but we must remain steadfast in our beliefs regardless of denomination. So when I sit down to Christmas dinner this year I'll enjoy myself as much as the next person but also remember what the festival is truly about.