By BoyWithAUke
4 years ago

What's it like being an independent musician?

What's it like being an independent musician, or just being a musician in general?

One word. Frustrating.

From songwriting to performing, there's loads of frustrating things that can happen.
For me personally, the songwriting is the most struggling thing to do.

What will people like? Is this lyric rubbish? Is this guitar hook catchy enough?

I won't dive into the full music theory of writing a song... But I will in another blog post 😉

For new and unknown musicians like myself, all I can say is just be yourself. Write from your heart and maybe one day you'll make it.

If you guys want to hear my music you can! Just comment down below if you're interested and I'll write my links down below after every blog post. And if any of my fans are watching, I love you!

Peace and love and spread happiness!
4 years
bee Which musian and songwriter inspires you? @BoyWithAUKe
4 years
4 years
BoyWithAUke My main singer/songwriter inspiration has to be Charlie Simpson!
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