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3 years ago

Video of people with Parkinson's goes viral. They want to raise awareness of their condition.

A group of australians with Parkinson's disease has recorded a video performing the mannquin challenge. The video was posted by charity Parkinson’s New South Wales Australia captioned “For people with Parkinson’s, life is their challenge.”

Parkinson's is the second neurodegenerative disease affecting over 10 million people around the world. One of the most common symptoms of the condition is the involuntary shaking of parts of the bod. Other symptoms can include stiffness, slow movement, and difficulties with balance, which can deem some everyday tasks impossible.

The video was posted back in December but it is now that people are making it viral. Over half a million people have seen the video already.

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Tiggerfantoo I know someone with it, they have so much difficulty with it, and it frustrates them so much, which is an added challenge to their life, anxiety and depression
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