By Lutfur1
4 years ago



Vegan are vegetarian we all know but you don't turn into a vegan if you do and you have consumed meat before your not a vegan however a vegetarian.
Vegan have a strict dietary rules and it's not up to them to follow their diet it's naturally in them to follow the diet they need to do so they can survive. If a food they consume it's not a vegan dietary then they may not be able to consume the food and suffer allergic reactions.
Most foods on the supermarket shelves will indicate a vegan suitability and thus it's growing more foods to be vegan friendly but what about the medication on the national health services are they vegan friendly. NHS still does not have a vegan policy on strict vegan medication assuming where will it get such medication. A patient who is vegan and has low vitamin D could now be prescribed different vitamin D as of a non vegan patients.
Such improvement has been made on the NHS and vegans should get vitamin d of non animal origin. However improvement
in other medications still needs improvements for vegans.