By Hcube
3 years ago

TRUMPistan & Monkey

A long time ago, there lived a Monkey in a jungle. Hunters would come, play the game and leave. The monkey was fascinated with the rifles and guns the hunters brought to the jungle. He would dream about them, wishing that one day he would have one for himself too. As time passed, his fascination grew and became an obsession, and he started finding ways to own one. One unfortunate day, a hunter forgot his gun in the jungle, and the monkey found it. In order to try it, he first shot his family, and then the entire breed of monkeys in the jungle.

A few weeks ago, the most famous General Election of our times concluded, and Mr. Trump somehow, surprisingly, won it. It is said that he won the elections, due to unexpected turn out of old Americans, who are comparatively racist in nature. Narrow-minded class of population, which might not have voted before, as nobody in the recent past addressed the issues, they had with the system. Increasing number of immigrants is one of them.

One of the senior officials in Trump’s administration said that “Mexicans have to go back, we don’t like them, as they keep chickens in the backyard, which crow in the morning” the reason he found enough to send some US nationals back to their native land. Among other reasons are the joblessness and eliminating the radical Islamic terrorist. Mr. President during his election campaign provided innovative and creative solutions to these two issues. Surprisingly people bought it.

USA business class will now have 20 % decrease in the taxes, which will create more jobs. According to some logic, when a businessman will earn more, he will hire more people for the same business; he is running with 4 people currently. He won’t pocket this money himself. Also, the state, which is under a continuously increasing debt of 20 Trillion USD, will find some hidden ways to pay it off. The state will not collect the tax as it used to in past, which will magically not translate into inflation.

Trump Administration has imposed a ban on Muslims traveling to USA. This is the creative solution to modern world’s biggest problem, terrorism. Politicians in Europe, MiddleEast and Asia must be pulling their hair out, for not thinking about it earlier. When nobody travels to your country, nothing happens. According to this recent philosophy, terrorism is something physical; it’s not a school of thought! White American people, who rape kids or shoot them at school, were infected by the virus when they shook hands with one of the Muslims from banned countries.

Coming back to the story, in the beginning, I would like to inform my friends in the USA. You guys are one of the most amazing people I have come across. The whole world learned a lot from you. You did wonders, and in literal terms conveyed to the world, the meaning of freedom. But you couldn’t see the Monkey! He was eyeing the GUN. Some of you helped him get to the Oval! Of course, now he will show you how to use it. You haven’t forgotten the ending of the story! Have you? God Bless Trumpistan!

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Tiggerfantoo unfortunately, I don't think that will stop terrorism, its a terrible selfish world we live in today
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Lutfur1 Trumpistan -stan is most Muslim countries name end with trump is opposite of Muslims
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