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Tim Farron: Surely as a Christian and under freedom of speech has the right to express himself!

The leader of the Liberal- Democrats Tim Farron a Christian and a pro-EU MP has been constantly quizzed on his thoughts on the LGBT community. Many in the media and elsewhere have accused him of not talking directly about the issue even though he is supposedly for the rights of the LGBT community.

If truth be told it does seem, Tim Farron has been skirting around the issue but one has to see it from Farron's point of view. As a Christian, his conviction would be that Biblically speaking anything to do with the LGBT community is sinful and although you can love the person it is the sin that you hate. You also have to understand that anyone in these politically correct times has to be careful what they say lest they are accused of being homophobic. Also as a Christian, it is probable Farron did not want to get bogged down in debates and I can understand that.

At the end of the day, Farron wants to talk about bread and butter issues that matter to ordinary people. He is, after all, fighting an election which will not see him and his party returned as the governing party nor him as Prime Minister (unless he goes into coalition like his predecessor Nick Clegg) but if polls are to be believed the Lib-Dems are on the rise again and this could return them a few more MP's to build on the eight they have in Parliament.

From both the LGBT community and Christian community it still seems Tim Farron has not made himself really clear where he stands. But if he were to come out (no pun intended) and say that as a Christian he could not support the LGBT community because of his beliefs he would be a brave man indeed in today's PC climate but would probably lose a lot of support from PC-minded people and probably be forced to step down as leader of the Lib-Dems.

But I know also as a Christian that when you speak your mind your often shunned and much of the time you stand alone in today's climate of phobias and isms. When someone does this like the prophets of old when they often stood alone warning the surrounding communities of the folly of their ways it is then though a voice in the wilderness you are speaking for God and being true to yourself.

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