3 years ago

There'll be hell to pay if America and North Korea go to war

It seems Donald John Trump far from being isolationist is being anything but. With his strike on Assad's air base in Syria, ruffling the feathers of the Russians, sending a naval task force off the coast of North Korea and bombing the hell out of the Islamic state in Afghanistan with the biggest nonnuclear bomb in the American arsenal it seems Trump is projecting American power across the globe in a Reaganesque manner.

I'm not, by the way, accusing Obama of being a coward he was a little wary of getting entangled in foreign adventures and who can blame him though he did, in the end, have to send more troops and planes to Iraq to combat Islamic state and he took out Bin Laden with special forces. He also used drones as a weapon against America's enemies like the Taliban, Islamic State, and Al Qaeda so he did project America power across the globe but perhaps more thoughtfully and subtly.

Back to Trump, I suppose its good in some ways that Trump is giving America's enemies a warning that he will be more direct than Obama was but Trump could also get the West involved in a deeper conflict with the likes of Russia, China or even Iran more formidable opponents and there lies the danger.

China is obviously now very concerned that its friend old school Communist nation North Korea is going to get itself involved in a full blown war with America. Let's face it, people, a conflict between the US and NK has been on the cards for a while with Kim Jong-un testing nukes and firing off missiles. The US has been installing advanced missiles in South Korea to shoot down any North Korean incoming missiles so the pot on the Korean peninsula has been coming to the boil for a long time.

North Korea with the American fleet sailing around its coast has said it is preparing for war and with a maverick leader like Kim who knows what he is capable of when his back is against the wall and even China cannot always get a handle on Kim Jong-un. Put to that Trump being a maverick too it seems we have the recipe for a dangerous situation. Let us hope China can get the two sides to back down and see sense because if war breaks out China may be obligated to support to North Korea. This could then drag in others and only God know where this will lead us.