By NyishaHv
3 years ago

The value of gold

How much is gold worth?

Firstly, the value of gold is determined in part by weight. Determining the weight of a gold ring can be tricky because the ring is often made of other materials as well as gold.

-The karatt of the gold matters as gold is weighed in ounces. The average gold ring can way from 4-7 ounches. Also there are different types of gold which are alloyed with other metals an example is, rose gold and yellow gold. Which also determines the value. Gold is a very precious raw material so it is very sumptuous and hard to acquire when In a gold mine.

How to tell if gold is fake:
- Real gold is not magnetic
-Real gold avid gold should turn blood red-couloured after the "acid test", another way of testing a holds purity is "fire assay", when the gold is boiled and liquefied till the elements are all separated so they can work out how "pure" the gold is.
-Touchstoning is also another form of testing if gold is real.
-Lastly, the bite-test is very easy to do; youd be surprised because if you bite down on your gold it should not crip but leave a subtle mark.

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