By Maydelene
4 years ago


A Gossipers - Are known for their habbitual habbits of spreading rumors and Sensitive issues Enthusiastically.. Not tired of opening their mouth telling people negative things.. Cannot live a day without gossiping!

A Cannibalism - Is eating human flesh..

Now is there Difference? or Connecting to each other??

If a person used to Gossip he/she is like eating human flesh! There's no difference, just like Dissecting it into many parts of human body..

Gossiping is not a Strong point Attitude.. It is a Negative! Or a weakness of a person.. there's a saying " SMALL MIND TALK ABOUT PEOPLE "... Though sometimes it is normal to Tackle some issues, specially True! But don't spread to other people negatively! It is not good! Are you a Small Mind?? Well if not! Think on these things...

So if you know some people like this? Specially somone that close to you.. You can give advice to stop Gossiping.. It is a Negative Attitude and a Weakness...