By ChuckleWizard
3 years ago

The Rise and Fall of My Trousers (Introduction)

This post doesn't have anything to do with any sort of wardrobe malfunction in any way whatsoever, I was told to give my first article a punchy eye-catching title and nothing grabs the attention like a good story about trousers. This is in fact a short little introductory piece about me and my ways.


My name's Adam and I'm a future novelist of sorts I guess, I can't say that my occupation is 'Writer' yet because I haven't gotten my finger out and done anything to achieve that goal but I do have a good hefty amount of work done on a novel I'm writing which is very exciting indeed. I've been writing silly things since I learned how to put pen to paper usually delving into worlds of fantastical parody and occasional toe-dipping into Science fiction. It's hard to find places on the internet where you can just write for people, blogs are a lot of effort after all.

I intend to write a lot of reviews here as that is usually what I end up writing in my spare time anyway, it's usually incredibly geeky subjects that I tackle so be forewarned of such eventualities.

But over all I just want to have a bit of fun with you fine folk and hopefully get some motivation for more exciting writing projects I have planned for the future.

Thanks a bundle.
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ze2000 Good to have you around Adam. Welcome!
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Shavkat @ze2000 c",)
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