By Priscilla
6 years ago

The real man - will you know him?

The real man is like your favorite blouse in a messy wardrobe. You know it's somewhere out there, but you can never find it when you need it. Dozens of clothes go through your hands. With a cotton content that does not fit the season, and a color that does not go on your hair. You're sure they will not stay well, but you try them. For every case.
First you drag the love of the obsessive man, who brings you to your world and your world, and to every world you desire. Turn their hemispheres to the tip of their fingers, and if you make him play a pirouette and then dump a sword with them, he'll do it. Without letting them go. But it's always a mistake.
Then you fall into the lover of self-seeking, who writes feminine names in the same way that the prisoner carries the crunch of his days over the bed. You leave him, and he leaves a few scratches on you that the rain erases. The very next day. Then you are wrapping the boots of the self-loving man while he enjoys his image in the mirror. And judge whether the color of your hair suits your eyes and the status of your family on his image. Until he finally convinces you that you really prefer to be a boss.
The real man does not convince you of anything. Does not interfere and does not insist. It appears just when you least expect it. With peach flavor, rain and vanilla cake comes out in front of you suddenly. She does not think she should stay. But he is not in a hurry to leave. It enters your world unnoticed, like a cigarette smoke in a restaurant. He crosses your fingers without hurry, and his movements are right and right in the target. As a precisely programmed machine.
The real man has no face. Because it does not matter what it looks like. It has the character and principles stretched as strings of Stradivarius violin. It differs from everyone else in that it will completely change you. It will rearrange your whole soul puzzle. It will make you fly, crawl, go in and out of the grave, staring at the starving dog. And do it with a lot of love.
The real man will not fulfill your wishes. On the contrary. Because of him you will go to a mountain even if you hate the snow. You'll be surfing even if you can not. You will drink whiskey with great sips, though you prefer rum and you will swallow the compulsive malt with a smile. It will make you jealous if you are not. Check his mail, even though he would never have done it before. Hate. Follow the bells in his voice and guess the colors of his moods.
It will transform you from a frozen animal into a harmless bug - in seconds. With words or actions. Or the lack of such. Because of him you will be kind, gentle, furious, weak. He will remake you and make you brand new. To put you carefully in a box with a label and never to open it again. Its purpose is not suffering. The tears will not help because he does not like to see you weak. He wants you to come to the end in everything. Touch the edge with the tip of your shoes and stretch the limits of your capabilities as if you were playing on a rubber band. If you can pass the test, you can keep it with you. For another day. Or a week. You can not know. The only thing you're sure about is that boredom will never move between you.
Because the moment she comes, he'll go away. But not with another woman. The real man chooses long and slow. He is a collector of expensive paintings. Never keeps the quantity. Because he is certain that at a time when you can lie down with someone without knowing his name, it is much more valuable to refuse than to take advantage of. And because his goal is to play with a decent opponent, not an easy victory. In the collision with the real man you grow up for ten years for one. Battle is always unequal, because as long as you put all your heart, your opponent puts his sharp as a pin of needle. He appears and teaches you that love without pain is like a Ferris wheel without a drive mechanism.

When he gives his lessons, he leaves. Mandatory. In the way it appeared - like a stream of smoke that dissolves in the air. What you leave is a love for the game and a desire for more. From the same. And the belief that the real man is not a low ball. And you can not catch it without changing your gait.