By ElisaBrookfield
3 years ago

The Pseudo Aunt

Have you ever had a friend who got pregnant and it changed your world too?
One moment you're part of a carefree group of friends, going out and having a laugh; and then boom the dynamic is changed by a tiny little person!
You have become the Pseudo Aunt. You have no responsibilities for the child, you're not blood related; you don't even need to meet them. Yet you still do, and from the moment they place that little guy in your arms and you see their eyes looking deep.into your soul like only a baby can that's when you're hooked.

That's what happened to me when I was just 18. One of my closest friends had a son and I was hooked! Now he's 11 and we have a great relationship.
Over those eleven years I've become a pseudo aunt to seven children and I love them all. I don't have children of my own (yet) but I feel like I have the best parts of those children!
They are always happy to see me! Calling out my name and running up for hugs when I walk through the door!
I've wiped away their tears, rocked them to sleep, changed nappies, been peed on, vomited on, spent hours playing in the dirt and I've enjoyed every minute of it.

What I plan on doing is giving you a bunch of advice and information about my world. Some do'so and don't's of being an aunt/uncle and some info for those mummies and daddies out there with a good group of friends!

I'll introduce you to the children and tell you some great stories of our time together!
So keep tuned in!
3 years
Borderline that's beautiful!
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