By NyishaHv
3 years ago

"The past can hurt", but it's what we do about it


My mum used to say to me if I don't like certain things in my life, if I hate feeling low and apathetic; change it. I thought it's a lot easier said then done. But now I am starting to realise perhaps by making small changes in my life could lead to great changes for me. I don't want to be unhealthy anymore I would like to maintain my health by exercising, not drinking and being kind to my body. After all, your health is your wealth. I am applying for university this year, even if I am not successful at least I can say I put my mind to something and tried.

I have also come off social media, I feel that will be positive in my endeavour to achieve mental peace. I spend to much time on it and it doesn't really equate to anything positive for me. Lastly, I want to be kinder to myself. Realise that I have come a long way...despite set backs and obstacles I have encountered in my life doesn't mean I have to punish myself by doing detrimental things.

Being on Tuetego has certainly helped me to put my feelings on the forefront and helped me to overcome sadness, depression. Suffering in silence never helps. Reflecting how I am feeling and developing a taste and an aptitude for writing has given me a lot of confidence in myself. I have also met a lot of amazing people, read so many fascinating stories that have made me think about life as a whole. I know that in my struggle I am not alone: everyone goes through hard times and discontent.

Depression is a part of life. Many overcome it in different ways. But I am a true believer of perseverance, and I believe that "when we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give others the chance to do the same". To be burdened by your future is normal, but just how long you chose to let it take over your life is something else.