By NyishaHv
4 years ago

The Exorcism of Emily Rose (Horror Movie)


Can't wait, I am massive fan of horror films especially the thought-provoking kind. Later on I will be writing a review on The Exorcism of Emily Rose. It exhibits scientific medical vs supernatural religious expeiences. Emily Rose was believed to have Eplilepsy which resulted in her "psychosis", yet the opposing side believes she may have something called hystero-epilepsy which is the classical symptoms of epilepsy being experienced without actually having the condition.

The film is not just a thriller, but it looks at the intricacies and religious implications of mental illness. Anyone who is agnostic or religious themselves or even spiritual will find this film great. There is a story of a man that I read today called John Scorne. He was believed to be able to exorcise spirits out of people and cast them into a boot, causing the entrapment of that evil spirit.

According to the story, having been called to ‘exorcise’ an epileptic woman he proceeded to cast out the devil and imprison him in a boot, and with the superstitious villagers quite happy in this belief, the deed is thought to have been the origin of the Jack in the Box. Perhaps the film could have been inspired by this concept of having epilepsy or presupposed to have epilepsy and then being excorcised to rid that person of the possession they are deemed to have.
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NyishaHv A walk to remember is amazing. I have that I made an article about that a few weeks ago. And Mandy Moore is amazing in it. I think it's absolutely amazing
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