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The dangers of Barbituates

Historically, many of our beloved stars such as Judy Garland (Dorothy in the wizard of oz) and Marilyn Monroe (fashion model),
both died of as result of a barbiturates overdose.

Many people may not be aware but Garland and Marilyn Monroe may have had more in common than nearly anyone suspected, and were able to find common ground before their deaths. For instance: Garland’s third husband, Garland and Monroe in fact had a somewhat intense friendship

At one point, as recounted in the memoir, Monroe approached Garland at a party and asked if they might be able to talk (it was shortly before Monroe passed away from a barbituates overdose in 1962). It was revealed that: Monroe’s death was “especially troubling to Judy since Marilyn had been one of Judy’s telephone pals during her years of insomnia.” Garland herself would die of a drug overdose in 1969.

What are barbiturates?

Barbiturates are a class of drugs that have been derived from barbituric acid. Barbituric acid itself has no therapeutic activity; however, its derivatives enhance the action of GABA, a neurotransmitter that inhibits the activity of nerve cells in the brain.

Historically, barbiturates were used in the treatment of anxiety, epilepsy, as anesthetics, and to induce sleep. However, they have a tendency to cause psychological and physical dependence and there is a fine line between a normal dose and a toxic dose. Nowadays, barbiturates have been largely superseded by safer drugs, although some are still used during surgery or to control seizures. Another common name for them would be benzos.

What happens when they are abused?

Because these drugs are predominantly sedatives when they are abused they can put a strain on the heart and also the respirtory system. Ultimately, this is why certain people do not survive the potential overdose because after haven taken the poll they become sedated and respiration can be affected due to late quantities of the sleeping pill being absorbed. Hence, respiratory medication may be given in the event of the sleeping tablet overdose, or your stomach may be pumped. However, if I'd too late like the cases of Marilyn Monroe and Judie Garland, you may well be unconscious and dead before anyone even finds you...

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