By Priscilla
3 years ago

Test: Choose a figure and find out which are the strongest features in your character?

A quick and easy illustrative test that will show you which are the strongest features in your character:

Choose one of the eight guys in the picture and find out what it means:

1. Head

Most prominent features: authority, orthogonal skills, adaptability
Typically, people who choose the first illustration are good leaders and organizers. Socially oriented, they are good speakers and can easily manipulate through speech. They adapt well to any situation, but prefer to set boundaries between themselves and others.

2. Executive

Most prominent features: responsibility, hard work, criticality In this type of people, many of the leadership qualities are again present, but there is often a hesitation in making decisions. These people are focused on doing the job they have. Their characteristic features are high professionalism, responsibility and self-criticism. Often, however, they suffer from somatic diseases on a nervous basis as a result of overvoltage.

3. Unstable

Most prominent features: hesitancy, inconsistency, neatness These people often have diverse talents. Although they work in a professional sphere, they are able to replace it with a totally opposite job if it seems to them more interesting and has become their hobby. They do not tolerate dirt and disorder around them, and they can usually come into conflict with the people around for that. Typical of them is that they are injured in the soul and often doubt themselves.

4. Scientist

Most prominent features: calmness, rational thought, abstractness Such people are easily abstracted from the reality in which we live and are transported into our own universe. They have a "conceptual mind" and manage to develop their theories very well and accurately. Normally, they are in a state of mental equilibrium, and their greatest benefit is rational thought.

5. Intuitive

Most prominent features: sensitivity, empathy, self-control People of this type have a high sensitivity and a tendency to mental overload. They can easily switch from one activity to another, often accepting the role of advocates to the weak. Their altruistic essence determines their communicativeness. They are also very skillful in their hands and have great imagination. Typically, such people build their own moral values ​​and internal self-control that they have followed throughout their lives.

6. Inventor

Most prominent features: rich imagination, clarity, resourcefulness These are "technicians" who have a rich imagination, spatial vision, and often deal with different types of technical or intellectual creativity. They are introverters living on their own moral standards and do not accept any influence from outside. Strongly emotional, they often fall into a state when they are obsessed with their own original ideas.

7. Emotional

Most prominent features: sensitivity, instability, altruism Extremely empathetic to the people around them, emotional people are very sensitive and difficult to experience the difficult situations in life. The care of other people consumes much of their energy, which ultimately leads to the inability to achieve their own goals.

8. Selfless

Most prominent features: closeness, high self-esteem, authority Absolutely opposite of the emotional type, these people are usually not interested in others, even disregarding them. If such a person is a specialist in his professional field, he is able to impose his or her opinion as the most appropriate among others. They are determined to be lifeless because they do not share their thoughts or problems with anyone.

Enjoy :)))