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Sweet pepper jam - Personal Recipe!

Sweet pepper jam

You need:
1/2 kg of red pepper
1 kg of capsicum (cubed, chopped, or blender)
1/2 l vinegar of 9 degrees
1 kg of sugar.

Method of preparation:
  The kapia peppers are given by car or blender, and the hot one is cut into small slices (chopped with a knife)
  Vinegar and sugar are placed in a saucepan in a saucepan to dissolve, and when the sugar is dissolved add cappuccino and chilli pepper

Leave to simmer for about an hour.

Then when it thickens like any jam put in the jars, wrap it with a blanket and let it cool.
Benefits of sweet pepper
  Sweet pepper is one of the most suitable remedies for high blood pressure.
  It cleanses arteries and helps to reduce bad cholesterol or triglyceride levels.

People who often eat hot pepper or sweet pepper are less likely to get heart attack, stroke or pulmonary embolism.

Also this product:
- It improves your sinus pain
- Stimulates immunity
- prevents gastric ulcer
- improves memory
- eliminates fatigue
- heals infections in the gums
- is very good for weight loss.

According to the ....
  Both sweet pepper and chilli peppers have the ability to prevent cancer.

You must try it!
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Strabunica013 My dear friends , recommend that you prepare it and use it instead of Ketchup. It's healthier and tastier. I wrote the article with the original recipe, prepared by me.
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Thank you for your comments, my dear!😋😋😋
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