By Lutfur1
3 years ago

Stand alone Britain


It was Brexit showcase show down that Britain finally is leaving the European union.
But how it affects many of us it's still a debate. When Britain will exit the European union it will trade with other countries and the world trade organisation(WTO) is one to be careful if Britain loses it's clients from it's WTO portfolio then there could be shockingly news for the economy however it has a membership with the WTO and the WTO few months ago was concerned over it's membership with issues relating to other members in the WTO e.g. the Falkland islands and Argentina and Spain. So unless it's balanced relationship with some countries the WTO would still need to be satisfied with Britain membership in the World trade organisation according to some reports.
3 years
Bilston The other european countries need to trade with UK, as much as UK needs to trade with them. Just wait and see.
It's the same situation about british citizens living abroad as europeans cotizens living in UK.
3 years