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spirituality - a short story

I know you're sad,angry and unsatisfied. You are not able to see justice what so ever happened to you, but believe me son-
By leaving the path of spirituality, path of God not going to help you. Just believe in God be calm, God will help you out - Bishop told to a confessor.

Confessor - you never gonna understand father.

Bishop - Tell me what happened??

Confessor - Its a long story. I don't know from where to start it.

Bishop - Start from the starting tell me everything my child.

Confessor - I'm born in the lap of Himalayas. A very beautiful place where people are very beautiful by their heart and innocence on their faces.
One day we went to church I with my parents and my little sister. My parents were very spiritual they believe a lot in God.
Then suddenly an earthquake came and church has fallen down in which I lost my parents.
Me and my sister somehow manage to survive in that tragedy.
From that day I lost faith in God and all this But my sister never loose a faith in God. She believes everything happened for a reason.
Somehow we became young and she got married whom she love very much. On the day of her marriage her husband met with an accident and he left this world.
My sister became widow on the day of her marriage.
And the worst part yet to come.
She was blamed for her husband death by this ridiculous society and by her in-laws.
By all this mental harassment my sister looses her mental state and now she is in mental asylum.
My bad luck not stop there - Confessor with tears in his eyes grumbles.

Bishop - Are you ok my child.

Confessor - Yaa, I'm okay

Bishop - What happened next.

Confessor - After all this I left that town thinking that my bad luck and my bad past will also leave me.
But I was wrong.
In other town I met with a girl. She was very beautiful. I fall in love in first sight. I got married with her.
We were very happy but from the year of our marriage the town was suffering from drought. Peoples were praying to God for mercy from that drought.
After two year I was blessed with a very beautiful girl.
She is the only child who is able to survive in that drought.
Peoples out there assumed that she was cursed and her birth came up with God's anger.
So, they decided to serve her life to God and pray to God to take her life for Calmness of their anger and grant forgiveness and mercy to them and their town.

Confessor stop for a moment

Bishop In a very low voice - What happened then! My child

Confessor with extreme agony in his voice replied - They murdered my daughter in the name of God.
In protecting my daughter my wife looses her life.

For the moment time is stopped and there is pain all over.
Then that painful silence is break by tears of both confessor and Bishop.

Bishop is now speechless. He was totally blanked and he don't know how to give sympathy or suggestion to the confessor.

"No one can understand the pain of mine"- Confessor said
But I'm not here to get rid of that pain.

Confessor - what happened father?? You don't want to know what happened next??

Bishop - What??

Confessor - I killed all those people who are responsible for my wife and daughters' death.

Bishop with no words in a shocked state give a look from the confession box.

Confessor - Don't be shocked father
I don't have any guilt of what I had done.
Nor I'm here for forgiveness or mercy or to Release my load of pain or sin whatever you call -

I'm here just to ask some questions from your God-

Confessor -

Whom ever I loved you take them away from me why?????
My parents my sister my wife all believes in you then why all this happened to them???
What was the fault of my innocent daughter??
Now you are happy by taking everything from me.
If You are responsible for the good things we do then you are also responsible for the bad things we do.

Confessor as walking away -
Father do you really think by listening all my story that I should have to be spiritual
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