By Strabunica013
2 years ago

Spiritual Awakening!

Spiritual Awakening!
Spiritually awakening women who have the mission of sustaining the evolution of mankind are guided so that they can fulfill this mission. They do not get to one place or another "by chance". There is always a profound purpose when it comes to the connections they have with other people and the places where these women bring their Light.
The Earth has descended much like vibration as a result of the domination of the Patriarchate for so long. All this time, people have lived in the vibe of fear, which comes from the exaggerated protection of the heart, the closing of the heart, the loss of connection with its own intuition, the suppression of emotions, the total disconnection from the wisdom of the body and the renunciation of the practice of staying with yourself, in silence, on a regular basis. This vibration of fear has made people, in time, to lose touch with their hearts and act from a space of fear. Fighting actions are often violent and physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually damaging.
We humans can not remain paralyzed, locked in the vibration of fear. (Sophie Bashford)
Translation: Mihaela Dan

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