By blissfulliberty
2 years ago

Spaghetti and Goodness

I received a message yesterday telling me to avail of a feeding program for the school children. According to the message, they will be feeding the children with SPAGHETTI. I became curious and enterested so I called the number the message told me.

The phone rang and the voice behind was good. Of course he was a priest. He explained to me the details of the program called SPAG Asa- Sharing with the Poor is Always Grace - Asa is hope which further means sharing brings hope. This is just a one time feeding program to let children know that goodness is real; goodness exist and somewhere in the world there are indeed good people willing to share... and who knows, in the future they will be sharing their goodness, too.

I was touched. I request for our enlistment to the program. I will be posting the developments regarding this on my future postings.
Strabunica013 Very nice article !