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Soft nougat trunk (

Soft nougat trunk

After the embarrassment of this Christmas and still missing the roscón de reyes, I wanted to finish with the last tablet of soft nougat that I had, taking into account that this year I made my first homemade nougat, I can say that it will be the last time buy, since I have discovered that making nougat at home is possible! And to say goodbye in style, I wanted to make a nougat cake.

Soft nougat trunk

What can I say of the taste to see ... well it is delicious, it is soft, it is delicate, it has an intense flavor of nougat ... and also, that of finding a piece of almond in some mouthful that another, It makes it wonderful.

The truth is that I have blown away when I have removed the silicone sheet and I have seen the beautiful drawing that it left behind. It is one of the most beautiful molds I have. The kit also has the mold itself, two sheets of silicone, one with this pattern of snowflakes and the other is smooth, that already for other types of occasions. To give it that velvety white touch that you see in the photo, I used the spray of Silikomart WONDER VELVET WHITE. Come on, I'm satisfied with the kit. Thank you Silikomart for sending me these molds so chulis.


-1/2 liter of milk

-1 soft nougat tablet

-400 ml of liquid cream for cooking

-250 gr. White sugar

-2 sachets of Royal curd powder


We cut the nougat into pieces and reserve. On the other hand, in a large saucepan we put the milk, the liquid cream, the sugar and the curd envelopes. We use a blender and beat well until it is completely integrated. We put it to the fire, when it is hot (that it does not grass) we throw the pieces of nougat and we will be stirring it on low fire, until it completely deshaga. We will have prepared the mold of the trunk with the silicone sheet chosen (as in the photo). Pour the mixture to the top and let it cool to room temperature. Then we take it to the freezer about 4 hours. We unmold gently on a tray and serve. If you see that it is very hard, wait a few minutes before consuming.

Recipe details:

- I put it in the freezer for a few hours so that the drawing of the snowflakes will be well marked. If you do not have this mold, you can do it in any round mold, in this case you put it in the refrigerator for a few hours until it sets.
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