By NatashaT1994
3 years ago


I am so not good at socialising with people face to face.

In class at college I'm like the quiet girl who goes to the library at lunch by herself. I talk to people now but it took me awhile to get used to this one girl. I already knew someone in the class I'm in so that was all fine but this new girl that I met for the first time (who thinks I don't like her) took me awhile for me to be confident around her. I still feel a bit awkward talking to her and I just mumble stuff.

It takes me so long to try and get used to someone but when I'm socialising and talking to people online I am so much better. For example: When I'm playing Overwatch on PS4 I can talk to the people who I have never met or seen in my life and it feels like I have known them for years and that we are best friends. Yeah yeah I'm so weird. But when it comes face to face with someone I just sink and wish I wasn't there. I have so much more confidence online with strangers who for all I know could be convicted criminals. Lol.

I do have friends but I prefer socialising with people I can't see instead of people I can see. Obviously I'm able to socialise with family, my bf and my bf's family (which took me awhile to be able to talk to properly) I'm not that socially awkward. Also talking about socialising with family well I'm sort of quiet around my brother and my sister-in-law. Me and my brother were so close when we were little but ever since he met my now sister in law we grew far far far far far apart and I only now see him like twice a year and I barely speak a word.

Just thought I should put my weirdness out there. Anyone else feel like I do?

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