By bee
2 years ago

Slap someone and you ONLY get a caution!


Laws are so inconsistent in this country its so sad!!! This person slaps someone and only gets a caution. THAT IS ASSAULT!!! no one has the right to touch anyone no matter how IRATE they are or any other emotions they feel! What is going ?????

But if some one else does the same tomorrow and sits in front of a different Judge or same they might get more than a caution or not even a caution!

Yet if your child misses school then the parents get taken to court get fined thousands, social service get involved and potentially get could get a prison sentence (not that I agree with children missing school ), or even for minor crimes such as throwing a cigarette butt on the floor unintentionally because you missed the bin!

In my humble opinion there should be a consistency across the board and all punishment must reflect the crime and not the judges mood!

It would be a better place.
2 years
Tiggerfantoo The justice in this country (UK) is completely stupid. You get as little as 6 years for murder, yet someone who refused to pay their council tax gets 10 years... I often wonder how on earth these so called judges qualified
2 years