By Sheryl
3 years ago

Sky is the Limit

Dream big, believe in yourself, and have faith in God. Don't limit your ability and capability of doing something huge. I have read an adage that says "The only impossible thing is the untried". Why doubting yourself? You should work what you opt to do for you to gain your desired result. Always remember that God is in control of everything so just do whatever your heart covets and pray for it because when He says yes nobody can say no. Everything you do leave it to the hands of God and give your best shot out of it. You should not be afraid of trying new stuff because we usually learn from the things that we do not know. Sometimes or I must say oftentimes we are reluctant to make different things because we don't want to fail and to feel embarassed. Mistakes inevitably happen, probably many of us didn't realize that blunders are opportunity to learn.

Those words of wisdom embarked in my mind that I keep on believing. I challenge you to do the same thing and influence others to change their mindset for the better