7 years ago

Shame things have to change!

I remember when I have had jobs that I liked and they came to an end or a relationship I was in where I'd thought I'd met the right person and it abruptly ended. Holiday, family whatever memories of better times in my life and you think why do good times come to an end?

When I look back on happier times when I was younger and now I'm older I think where did it all go?

I am sure we have had all experiences where we have said why do good things or good times in our lives have to end?

I'm not being nieve here folks I know things change like when we lose a loved one and everywhere we go we see things or hear things that remind us of that person. Same as happy memories like the ones I described above and like the old 60's song says "Always something there to remind me".

Things changing in life is a certainty but I guess as human beings when happy times end and we look back on those days and wonder where they went we try to rationalize everything.