By Shavkat
3 years ago

Revealing the Identity of a Woman Unexpectedly

Our modern society changes the lives of people and even the characters of the people had been changed. It could turn into a bad or good situation. There are times that these people commit a sin and violated one or two of the Ten Commandments of God. Some people brushed off the simple rules imposed by God and carried on by Moses in the Old Testament.

The Holy Bible context is so essential to guide the people to the betterment. If he or she refused to remember or know the words of God. Then, this person can fall into bad doings or even doing the bad things continually. They had reserved their souls to Hell. However, their souls are being eaten by worms while living on earth.

Some women in the world are starting to damage her credibility in the eyes people and God. They continued to violate the simple rule: “Thou shalt not commit adultery.” It seems women empowerment are becoming uncontrollable in the modern society. The “gender equality” had been advocated that women can do what a man can do. It doesn’t mean that women can be like men who are a womanizer. It has been described that men are sinners for being doing adultery. The real truth, all of us are a sinner.

Case 1
A married woman availed a transient room in the neighborhood. This woman had been in the neighborhood for so many years. The weird thing has she reserved a transient room for her friend that appeared to be a man. At first, there is no need to speculate. One night, the woman was bitten by a dog. Because of such incidence, it was found out that this married woman is sneaking to the transient room of the man as claimed her friend.

Case 2
A woman’s neighbor is a widow. Afte a few years, she had finally found her love to another man. As it expected, marriage will be the next thing to happen to her life. Then years had passed, the widow and her man lived together without the blessings of the church. One day, a woman was shouting in front of the widow’s doorstep. This loud woman was the real wife of the widow’s man.

There are so many women who commit adultery lurking in the neighborhood. It is so alarming to know this fact. If these women can just read the Holy Bible, then there is nothing to worry about. But then, they choose to live to be a sinner and continued to burn themselves alive.

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