By RalRey
2 years ago

Reflexión/Oración de alegría

There are books, texts, phrases, words, drawings, images, a photograph, that little card that came with a Christmas gift, simple objects that once came to us and stayed with us, which are part of those little things that we keep in a wooden or metal chest, or in a music box as a very valuable treasure, a pen that a friend gave me on my birthday, a small piece made by hand, a bracelet or a necklace that we no longer use, a bottle of the perfume that I liked and finished, a small flower or a leaf that we put between the pages of a notebook.

But they are not always tangible objects, it can also be a smile, a funny gesture of a loved one, the melody of the whistle of our favorite bird, a song that we listen to on the radio and that we always remember.

There may be many or few things that you treasure, but we will always find some.

Now I want to leave you some beautiful verses that I found in a magazine that I read a long time ago, many years have passed since then, and they are always with me, they disappear, they hide among my books, in my folders, in my notebooks, but suddenly, when least I hope they appear, they are on a small page folded with its broken folds, it appears on my table, and then I read them as the first time, avidly, with feeling, with emotion, with affection, and I want to recite them out loud to someone who He is close to me to listen and receive the message of love that it contains.

Today I will not recite them out loud, but I will transcribe them for you, my friends and companions, to express to each one of you how happy I am to have found this community of beautiful people, with sensitivity for the good things that God and life gives us:

Reflection / Prayer of joy

choose to love
instead of hating

choose to laugh
instead of crying

choose to create
instead of destroying

choose to persevere
instead of giving up

choose to praise
instead of criticizing

choose to heal
instead of hurting

choose to give
instead of stealing

choose to act
instead of postponing

Choose to grow
instead of consuming you

choose to bless
instead of blaspheming

choose to live
instead of dying


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