By Mckinsey
5 years ago

Rant: Women Don't Have To Be Appreciative Of Compliments

Something that bothers me is when men think women should automatically say thank you when they are complimented on their looks. Sorry, but it doesn't work this way and just because a man is polite to a woman doesn't mean they should be grateful and reply with a thank you.

Let's be honest, women tend to get more compliments/cat-calls/harassed than most men do. This is just how it is. So, when a man thinks a random woman they just complimented should be graveling at his feet or they feel the need to tell the woman that they should be saying thank you, they (the man/men) need to realize that the woman is probably sick and tired of such BS.

Plus, since when do women have be thankful for every single compliment that a man gives them. Sorry, but women should be able to go about their daily routine without having to be hit on, told they should at least say thank you for a compliment and all that other stuff.

Photo via Pixabay, public domain
5 years
ze2000 Some women get offended and other like it. Welcome to the world of "understanding women" XD
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