By paigelouiseevans
4 years ago

Pets are family!

Recently I've had bad news about my dog.

He was 17 years old and was a trooper.

He was not well for a very long time so it was expected but super sad.

I got a message from my Dad saying that my dog had had to be put down due to his health.

I broke down.
I looked at the message, looked at my boyfriend and broke down in his arms.

I remember so many memories with him such as when I used to ask him is he'd want some ham and he'd do a head tilt. Everytime.

He was a Yorkie, and adorable, I miss him like crazy. I've had such a sad week this week.

I know many people have had it way worse, but losing a dog is exactly like losing a family member.
They become part of the family, he will continue to be a part of he family for eternity too.
4 years
AdHocGames When it comes to family, species is irrelevant. I'm really sorry you had such bad news.
4 years