By RalRey
2 years ago

Painting with light


My friend Beto Milano, a high-level professional Venezuelan photographer, my compatriot, once told me that when he knew the photograph, he would stop painting because, according to him, taking pictures is painting with light, the camera and the educated eye become allies to create beautiful works of art.

I live in the interior of the country, in the east, on the northeast coast, and I traveled to Caracas, the capital of Venezuela, to participate in a photography workshop dictated by an institution called AVECOFA, with the purpose of verifying the truth of what Beto told me. I was in Caracas for about a month receiving valuable instructions in the art of photography, after which I placed on my shoulder an old Reflex of Pentax 2000 from the institution where I worked and began to photograph everything that was put in front. I photographed a lot, I even became the official photographer of the institution.

I did not stop painting, I kept doing it, I keep painting until today. I am not a professional painter and I did not become a professional photographer like my friend Beto. But I met again, I renewed my relationship with the art of painting with light, as Beto describes it, I renewed my love for this art that I have practiced since I was young because I always tried with a team to take pictures. I had two snapshots of Polaroid with which I worked in the street to earn bolivars. I have lived with both, with painting and photography, both have given me pleasant moments, and in many opportunities I have combined them to give me beautiful artistic emotions.

Note: The photograph that illustrates this publication I took after the rain and portrays three small leaves of the ficus benjamina tree also known as 'evergreen' because its leaves remain green all year round.
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soncee Very interesting artikle fruend..
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