By Mckinsey
5 years ago

New To Tuetego

I have just joined Tuetego and I am completely new to the site. I have extensive experience using social media sites and revenue sharing sites and making money online and so forth. With that said, I'm excited to start using this new social media site.

My immediate first impression is I love the layout. So far, the features I have found are great and this article is more like a short blog post. It's just to get my feet wet.

Needless to say, I plan to publish articles on a regular basis and if I like it here, then I will definitely be a regular user. I think it's about time there's a social media site like Tuetego.

Photo via Pixabay, public domain.
5 years
Borderline Hi! I like reading more than posting, so Welcome! :D
5 years
4 years
HappyLady I am new and getting into it too. I hope the site grows.
4 years