By XavierBage
3 years ago

Naked Untruths

I have seen you through and through
Within you what is false and what is true!

Behind your royal words there lurks a lie
In truth’s holy attire, it struts vain and sly
You think no one can read your deceit
Naked you are before the piercing eye
On the earth there are souls unearthly
Blessed by the One who resides the Blue!

In history there were men left and right
For power victorious in many a cruel fight
Lie vanquished, names trampled in disdain
By lowly posterity, presenting pitiable sight!
The opaque sheets you have spread over
The untruth to hide, shout aloud the clue!

Xavier Bage
Wednesday, February 22, 2017

3 years
bee Wow, very powerful words and so beautiful
3 years