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MY WRITINGS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #1

hi guys I just wanna thank everyone for liking and reading my stuff it's really amazing ..... all of you are amazing , but anyway am going into different writing ... this has no topic but just something I've been working with thanks

Before the ink has already dried the history books are being rewritten , and those pens are reserved for the gifted and driven. but they is a winner in all of us , a plan bigger than all of us , yet that counts in the state of mind of us . could of been a stereotype , till I decided to rise up faster than the wind , stronger than a rock . I am decided I am a lesson told in arms of those who rise up to my charm , nobody gets to run , nobody gets to feel that pain oh no . we go down when the sun of those darker clouds rain down on me . I can't fall down to my very cherry becomes my light , wait until it becomes my weakness , I never share what could be mine , I give so that others may follow in the days of my lives and my soul . I respect to you . I respect to me . I respect to silver linings for they hang me back casting a shadow on my grave.
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Shavkat Keep it up, my friend. c",)
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