3 years ago

My Mind is a Weapon For i am a Weapon

There is tremendous power in having a controlled, focused mind. It’s a weapon. Each time you learn something new, you are loading a new “bullet” in to it. Each time you execute perfectly (and as we learned this week, imperfectly) you train your aim.
A brain full of “bullets” and perfect aim means nothing, if you never pull the trigger. Do you really grasp the power that you have?
People often ask why I do not write on fitness, relationships and business. The truth is…I do. Isn’t it impressive what the Human Mind is capable of achieving? Just think of all the technological advancements that exist in the world today. Fast moving vehicles, advanced airplanes and ships. They are all the results of our incredible power of the mind. It´s quite an amazing tool. But the fact is that not many people practice and take advantage of this simple Mind Power Techniques that is available within you..........