3 years ago


drugs are bad and that is a fact but you know what is powerful my mind , but guess what am gonna win because my mind is stronger than being persuaded over the never-ending stench of drugs and other affairs and so can you ......

A strong mind is persistent, determined and decisive. It is a characteristic of successful people, high-level athletes and leaders. If you want to gain mental strength to help you face challenges and propel you toward your goals, you can build these qualities and be strong-minded. Focus, focus, and then focus.
You are not alone my friend.
This is called a temporary diversion from reality.
I often just drift into space and then (only after training) bring myself back,
This is sometimes really hard to grasp so don't despair.
Caffeine is only short term and not something you should rely on for clarity.
A quick cuppa in the morning is o.k. to get the ball rolling but you really need to start loving yourself.
Not saying or assuming you don't already but from your words I gather that you worry over trivial things and not stay in the here and now.
Your former work should not be your worry, yeah????
Whatever it is you're working on should be your priority.
so chill out and relax and try and put things into perspective.........

so listen to me I am here , but I can't fight your battles. you can seriously , you can rise up than ever before I believe in you . let's fight this together :) for together we can fight not alone ......

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