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3 years ago

My experience at university

I started university last year October 2017. The university I attend is a private university, which usually means that the private university will have its own policies and also will contain less students. I applied for my university after being rejected from a university in Twickenham, they believed I didn't fufil the entry requirements because I did not have Mathematics gcse, despite having a total of 11 gcses and also 3 a-levels. When I did not get in to my initial university at first I was quite teary, then I realised that not every university is the same and some universities value your personal statement as much as they value the entry requirements being fufiled.

The first time I started university I was nervous, I was quiet. It didn't take long for me to get stuck in and interact with my classmates and take part in important class discussions. I knew that studying law would be challenging, it requires lots of reading and comprehensive, extensive reading. Not only that it requires an initial interest in the subject. It is especially difficult to study something when you're not interested in it, I know about that all to well after studying various subjects in school that I didn't like. I have come to realise that in order to thrive in something academically, I must put my all into it. Also I have learned that in university we will be working under challenging time constraints for examinations and also submitting assignments. I and a lot of my class mates had done assignments 3 or 2 days before submission. There will be times where students will be complacent, and a lot of people in in my university have children, jobs so that is understandable that deadlines would clash with their every day lives.

For myself university was not easy, especially making sure I met deadlines. Although I did, I found myself procrastinating and submitting assignments the day before. My provisional grade was not a desirable one, and I can see exactly why I had acquired it. If I had spent time planning my assignment over the course of a few months and had been more comprehensive and been more concise and accurate with my referencing, my work would have been a lot better. This year we will be studying challenging subjects such as contract and administrative law. They are subjects that require one to do lots of reading, substantiation and to genuinely exhibit knowledge and understanding as well as analysis.

Overall, I believe my experience at university so far has been somewhat challenging, as I find myself adhering to a new routine. Also having ADHD does not help in class, especially when I am easily distracted. I find myself having to put in extra work where necessary to catch up on information that I have missed. I've found that a lot of my classmates are feeling disheartened and demotivated because of the course, I mean after all it is difficult and occasionally can feel quite tedious. To be honest I actually just want to be a court clerk, not anything like a barrister or solicitor. The field of law is very competitive and also a lot of employers are interested in higher grades such as 2:1 degrees and first class degrees which puts a strain on so many students. I do intend to enjoy my experience at university, although I imagine that the course will become more challenging. I know that it will be useful to read whenever I can and not to waste time. Sometimes it's easy to forget why we're at university; after all, it is full of many distractions. Perseverance and hard work will be the ingredients of success here. Initially it was very difficult for me to be motivated, it isn't easy studying with a disability and also depression, insomnia. All I can do is make the most of university, stay positive and give it my all. And the same goes for anyone else in tertiary education.

The photograph is of lady justice. She symbolises finality, impartiality and also morality in the legal system. Her blindfold symbolises impartiality and also suggests that people should not be discriminated against; the scales represent objectivity and the sword represents swiftness and finality in which legal cases should be dealt with.
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