By NatashaT1994
3 years ago

Motion Transfer Pictures

So Motion Transfer is when you transfer a picture onto fabric through this white paste.

What we had to do:

1. Do a scribble drawing (Monkey)
2. A contour picture (Simba)
3. A painting made of black, white, and differentnshades of grey dots (The bear)

Once done we had to get the picture blown to A3 size. We then used this white paste (smelt REAL bad) and make a thick layer on the fabric. Carefully placed the picture facing down on top of the fabric then rub it so the paper is flat.

Wait for the paste to dry then dip your fingers in warm water and rub the paper off. Don't rub to hard or the ink will come of the fabric and don't make it so wet or the paste will get soggy.

So the picture of the 2 pieces of fabric well I ended up wetting the paper to much and not all the paste was completly dry even though it was left over weekend. So had to do it all again. And the 3 fabric pictures are the next result worked out just fine.

Once it was all done we had to add like stitchee or fabric anything to the picture. So I've only done the bear for now and I made a wire bow and sowed it on. Done some stitching and used a bit of water paint. I'm happy with the result after rubbing the paper of it.

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