By Lutfur1
4 years ago

Modern living room


Modern living room is the bedroom. It has been since the cable days and long has gone those days replaced by WiFi routers with the internet connection available to stream down Netflix or Amazon prime and so many other channels through a decoder or app it's simple and easy-to-use right in your bedroom. No need for television either it can be on your laptop or iPad and tablets or even smartphones.
This may be the next generations to come living room in a bedroom. Some even have their own sofa and drink cabinets to enjoy the night and relax with no one interfering their privacy as if it's who belongs to their bedroom is only to themselves. Not like the old living room anyone had access to it. Maybe the house builder and property developers will opt out of having a living room in their property and replace it with a bedroom in the future properties reducing unwanted space and creating more bed space.

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