By angelag139
3 years ago


Most people when they are in a relationship they only focus on that one person and don't bother about their friends anymore. However when their relationship comes to an end they come running back to you and apologise and expect you to allow them to come back. Some people just take the friendship for granted. But people only seem to know What they had when it's all too late.

Relationships come and go, but friendships stick with you through till the end. I believe that relationships take time they don't just happen over night. Relationships will happen however you have all the time in the world for that to happen.. but friendships they just don't come and go they stick.

People seem to show their true colours when they are in a relationship as they no longer want to know you. However some people may disagree with me. But that's your opinion everyone has their own different thoughts on these things.

People say in life "there is plenty more fish in the sea" it's an old saying but it's true. They just come and go. It will take years for you to find the right one however it will just happen when you least expect it.

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Borderline agree! Nice post as usual!
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complicated lovely
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