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Losing Lila Review

Losing Lila is the incredible sequel to the amazing book Hunting Lila. At the end of the first book, we are left with questions about everything we were told. We were questioning everything that had happened in the book and we were left wondering if Jack was alive or if he was dead. Losing Lila was written by Sarah Alderson and was published by Simon & Schuster UK Ltd. back in 2012.

The start of the book has us all page turning trying to figure out what was happening. We were thrown into the deep end with this one as it went straight into the action with Lila and Alex running away from the unit to try and save themselves. In the sequel, it's quite clear that Lila has begun to control her powers in an emotional way.

We are given two new main characters that are thrown into the mix, who are mentioned in the last book but aren't really present. We get Dr. Loveday, Lila and Jacks father who has come to find out what's been happening while his daughter ran away from home and Richard Stirling who is the owner of the Unit. All of the characters are completely credible and you can find yourself getting to know them and go on an emotional rollercoaster with them.

The main characters, Lila and Alex, are running away from the unit while doing their best to make sure that Jack is okay, while all of this is happening Jack is in hospital in critical condition but what everyone doesn't know is that Jack has a secret, so secret in fact that he has no idea it's a thing. Of course, it wouldn't be a Lila book if there weren't any problems or adventures. They run into a drug dealer and steal all of his drugs and money and even blow up a building but that's for you to read.

Within this book, I think my favorite character is Alex because we get to see him develop as a character and we get to know him a little better since he is constantly with Lila throughout the book. We get to find out more about his past with the Unit and how he truly feels about Lila and other people around them all.

In my opinion, the book is amazing and I really like it. I love almost all of them especially when at the end of the book we got one extra chapter but written from Alex's point of view, we get to see his feelings and his thoughts written down on paper and we get to know him a lot better. I don't have a least favorite part of this book, maybe just the fact that it ended was my least favorite but a book has to finish at some point. If I was allowed to change anything I would have changed something that happened with Richard and the gang. I would have gone against the better judgment and done what they never wanted to do, but that's just me because I hate Richard.

I would totally recommend this book to people, especially people who love action themed books and some love stories also. I gave the first book to my mother and she's currently hooked on it and I can't wait to see her reaction to the ending so she can steal my Losing Lila book and read it to find out all the answers she will be looking for.

Thanks for reading - Leigh

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