By angelag139
3 years ago

Introducing myself

Name: Angela Louise Gray.
Hobbies: reading, listening to music, bmxing, working out (gym), walks, xbox (gaming).
Education: student (college).
subjects took in college: child development, health and social and further maths.
Family who I live with: father, mother and a sister.
life goals: travel the world. Help the homeless people.
Music: I am into all types of music.
Pets: I use to have pet hamsters and gerbils.
Concerts I've been too so far: bullet for my Valentine and keywest.
Favourite film types: horrors, romantic, science fiction and comedy.

About myself.
Hello I am Angela Gray. I am polite and have an amazing sense of humour. I can be a fussy eater as I tend to eat healthy foods. I am the type of female who likes the outdoors and likes to explore. I am a calm and very caring female, I'm the type of person who would do anything to help anyone out.

3 years
Tiggerfantoo Welcome, I'm new here too. Interesting to see how long this lasts. Other sites like this either disappear after a while of the earning capability diminishes greatly
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3 years
RID haha i havent been on for so long your not new anymore. Anyway i hope your still enjoying Tuetego. There is a new Red Dead coming out soon, alot f hype for it
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