By Priscilla
3 years ago

If you want to know more about the man next to you - look at his plate

The favorite food of the man beside you, for whom you still wonder whether to start a serious relationship, speaks a lot about his character.
If he is a fan of chocolate, he does not have much love and understanding. He is strongly attached to family, friends, colleagues. The petty quarrels and quarrels are turning into big scandals. Trying frustration, he is amused by sweet things.
Men, meat lovers, are realistic, powerful and aggressive. They just overeat if you offer them a vegetable salad with olive oil for dinner.
If a man is a supporter of chips and fast food, the woman should know that he likes to do things quickly, bureaucracy makes him nervous, routine kills him because he is a lively and energetic type.
The passion for dairy products shows the man's desire to take care of someone permanently. If there is no family, such a man will take a dog - he can not live alone.
Fans of simple food, without delicacies, without special sauces, without expensive food, which they only allow in certain cases, are unhappy with life. You can see these qualities as economy or practicality, but if you expect something new in life and look for new and new colors, stay away from such a man.
Fans of sharp spices and sauces are temperamental and passionate people. The reverse side of passion is jealousy, the owner's feeling, thoughtless actions that he apologizes for with the influence of the moment. Hardly such a man is a dream for a woman.
If he loves cabbage and beans, he is indecisive, willing to doubt anything, measure every step. This may not be so bad, but by a lot of thinking, he may miss good moments or excellent opportunities.
A sensitive person loves cucumbers. Can eat tuna on the salad.
Pickles of pickles, even when there are fresh salads, are tyrannical. They think that the woman's place is in the kitchen, that she has no right to opinion, and that her only purpose is to serve him. Do you want such a man?
And finally - fans of raw carrots and apples. Psychically most resilient men, ready to always listen and negotiate, solve problems as men and give way to their mate.

That is, dear ladies. Check out the man's plate to see what a person is and decide if you want it to you :)))
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