By Lutfur1
4 years ago

Ice nine plan

Ice nine plan is heading towards everyone and each of us. So what is ice nine plan well it's simply a freeze to any cash in your bank account and withdrawal of paper cash from any ATM machine for that period. It's what is called a cashless society and money disappears from your account based on a certain huge amount of deposit in your bank account. It's already implemented in America but is not known directly but indirectly America is a rapidly cashless society with nearly everything needs to be paid by PayPal or Apple pay what's so more is that the credit cards will soon disappear from your wallet to pay as these new methods of payments are taking over the digital currency will soon replace the traditional paper currency and in those digital figures in your bank account could goto zeroes if the ice nine plan comes into effect the banks will not tell you this but their corporate elite will do this to pay of their debts be on the guard.
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