By Michellekidwell
3 years ago

I Can Still Hear You Whispering in the Wind


I hear your name in the wind
It Whispers (Bestest Friend).
I hear the tears
Even the ones you tried to hide.
You were strong but man
You had to fight.

It’s been ten years
And nine month since
You were called home
But you didn’t go without a fight.

Transplants, amputations
The tears you cried
The highs and the lows
We laughed and we cried
And every now and then
I think I hear you
In the wind
“It’s Melissa,
I’m okay
I’m healed and I am free.”

I smile as I remember twelve page letters
And Makerena memories
You were determined to teach me that dance
But you a double amputee were far better than I.

I think of your Son,
Now around twenty
He was not quite ten
When you died
But I knew how hard you fought.

I remember tear filled calls
You were upset because you
Would not be able to walk
Into Church that first Easter
After you lost your leg,
I reminded you all that matters
Was your Faith.

I remember someone asking
You once how you could be so strong
In the midst of your pain
Your answer was simple
“Being bitter isn’t going
To ease the pain.”

In the midst of your own
Pain you always looked out for me.
Encouraging me on my own journey
And I smile as I remember
The undying support
You read my stories
My poetry
Always encouraging me to
Keep at it.

“Reach for your dream girlie
Your going to make it.”
I can’t help smile at the memory.

Every now and then
I can hear your voice
Whispering in the wind
“Until we meet again.”

(C) Michelle R Kidwell
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Violeta Great article
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Lucia5 Super
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GinaEastabrooks This is awesome!
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soncee Nice artikle
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Michellekidwell @GinaEastabrooks, thank you, I appreciate your support more than I can begin to say!
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MegyBella Beautiful
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Natasha I really enjoyed this article. I lost my little brother on June 13th due to a freak accident involving a train. And we were best friends would talk almost everyday. I will never get over it. I often wonder if there's really and afterlife. Like will he come visit me ever... I'm always looking for a sign. I miss him so much
3 years