By bee
6 years ago

I am a dreamer! But arent we all?

They may call us the dreamers , but never the screamers.

We come from a far and we come from near.

I hope the others do hear.

I'm siting by the water enjoying the gentle cool air that is blissfully dancing around my hair.

Its only fair to tell you what it is I'm dreaming of, please don't glare,I'm dreaming of the day the world will become a peaceful one with no threats and instead everyone will live happily, care and be fair!

Lets be selfless and lets take the glory of being the better person.

Don't be so defensive, don't keep it bottled up just follow your heart and do your part.

For we are the dreamers.
6 years
Georglex96 We all dream for the future to be a better place lets hope our dreams come true!
6 years
6 years
Writemott This picture makes me feel calm and in another world. Using it to portray dreaming. Places it in just the right setting. Great explanation too
6 years
3 years
Violeta Very nice article
3 years